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Our services

Industrial Vending
  • AutoCrib distributor since 1999
  • Unparallelled tools to drive cost savings
  • Reduce obsolete inventory
  • Streamline processes
  • Audit materials
  • Track usage
  • Reduce carrying costs
  • Eliminate hoarding
  • Inventory control
  • Restrict distribution of tools to the appropriate personnel
Wide range of products, specialized in cutting tools
  • Cutting tools, Carbide, HSS and Hand tools
  • Abrasives, Adhesives, Tape, Chemicals
  • Machine tools accessories, Clamping, Fixtures and Fasteners
  • Janitorial, Machinery and Material handling
  • Pneumatics, Fluid handling and Precision tools
  • Power tools, Electric and Pneumatic
  • Health & Safety Supplies
  • Repairs, Calibrations and Inspections
Our Services

Varco specializes in working with your teams to create, implement and manage a wide range of solutions, customized for a single plant, multi-facility or national corporations. We  have the resources, resources and experience to provide added value to all types of businesses.

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