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Since 1999 Varco Industrial Sales has partnered with AutoCrib to offer the most complete line of vending solutions. With continuous innovation in both hardware and software, AutoCrib has provided distributors like Varco with unparalleled tools to drive cost savings, reduce obsolete inventory, streamline processes, audit materials, track usage, reduce carrying costs, elimnate hoarding and restriction tools to the appropriate personnel. With a Varco managed vending solution you are able to turn data into information that matters.

Robocrib (150 / 500 / 1000 / 2000)

* Secure issue/return of 500+ items in under 10 seconds

* High-security issue and return

* For tools, fasteners, welding supplies,   MRO, gloves and PPE

* Also dispenses large or delicate items

* Fits in 30x30 footprint – just like a standard tool cabinet

Robocrib Image

Remote Dispensing Station (RDS)

* Delivers near zero dispensing time for cutting tools and high –use supplies
* Excellent for high value, fast moving critical items
* Handles cutting tools, welding supplies, miscellaneous supplies and more
* Very secure helix/coil dispensing format
* Up to 70 bins and dispenses in under 4 seconds
* Low investment cost with minimal maintenance
RDS Coil Machine

* Increases capacity while increasing control of small items
* Eliminates need to count small items manually
* Works with parts cups for smaller items, such as fasteners
* Increased accuracy and security
* Connects to any Robocrib
ScaleMate Image


* Stops the loss of expensive power tools, gages and test kits
* 24-hour issue and return access
* Excellent for high-value oversize items
* Also great for calibrated and durable items
* No repackaging required
* Can accommodate AC power and LAN connections
AutoLocker Image

* Fast dispensing and control WITHOUT repacking for gloves, PPE and MRO supplies
* Automated inventory control
* Secure access to fast-moving gloves, PPE
* Dispenses large or bulky soft items
* Little to no repackaging
* Fast dispensing from 21 to 78 bins
EleVend Image

AutoCrib Software

* Latest technology in automated inventory management
* Perform issue and return task at a traditional tool crib window
* Automatic reorder using Demand-Based Purchasing
* Control and track tool and supplies usage
* Manage/set up cribs, stores, AutoCrib machines
* Key system metrics on Intelligent Dashboard
* Over 200 management reports

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